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Agglomerations register
under Protection From Environmental Noise Act

Railroads Network – main traces

General data for agglomeration Rousse

Total number of lines: 11

Name of sectionLengthWidthClassYear
Divided post "Danube" – Ruse distribution station11.0One-way, electrified2016
Ruse station north - divided post "Danube"31.0One-way, electrified2016
Station Rousse West – divided post "Dorostol"21.0One-way, electrified2016
12th divided post (Transport Museum) – Station Rousse West31.0One-way, electrified2016
Ruse distribution station – 12th divided post (Transport Museum)21.0One-way, electrified2016
Divided post "Danube" (1st post) – Station Obraztsov chiflik81.0One-way, electrified2016
Ruse distribution station – divided post "Danube" (1st post)21.0One-way, electrified2016
Divided post "Dorostol" – Station Dolapite91.0One-way, electrified2016
Ruse travel station – divided post "Dorostol"21.0One-way, electrified2016
Ruse distribution station - Ruse travel station51.0One-way, electrified2016
Danube bridge - station Ruse distribution61.0One-way, unelectrified2016

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