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Road and street network - main routes of the primary road network

Agglomeration: Pleven

Count: 49

Name of sectionLengthWidthClassYear
Road to Rousse (to G. Kochev)1.50016.02 class2016
Al. Malinov street in ref "Druzhba" (trolley №5)1.20012.02 class2016
Europe blvd (in "Druzhba")0.65016.02 class2016
Hristo Botev blvd (from the Ilyo Voyvoda Street to Hemus Street)0.65016.02 class2016
Hemus Street0.90016.02 class2016
G. Kochev Boulevard (from the Street "Sofia" to Boulevard "Rousse")2.70016.02 class2016
Bulgarian Aviation Street2.30012.02 class2016
Doyran Street1.90016.02 class2016
Storgozia Street (entrance highway from Sofia)3.50016.02 class2016
Industrial Street3.1008.03 class2016
Grenaderska Street1.35016.03 class2016
Vassil Levski Street (from the Wheel to the As. Halatchev Street)0.40016.03 class2016
Dr. G.M.Dimitrov Street1.8508.03 class2016
Street from ОМV, bl.5 to bl.51 - Residential complex "Storgozia"0.70016.03 class2016
Krali Marko Street in Residential complex "Storgozia"0.4508.03 class2016
Tsar Samuil Street, bl.61 to bl.470.6008.03 class2016
Residential complex "Storgozia" - from Samuel Street to G.M.Dimitrov Street0.80016.03 class2016
Samuil Street4.2008.03 class2016
Sofia Street0.85016.03 class2016
Grivishko road2.7008.03 class2016
Vit Street (to wholesale, Vega)0.7008.03 class2016
Second Zadgarova street (along Wine plant, Pleven Pivo)3.6008.03 class2016
G. Kochev blvd (industrial area)2.20012.03 class2016
Alexander Stambolijski Street0.8008.03 class2016
Dr. Zamenhov street - parking0.20016.03 class2016
In residential complex "Kaylaka" - street "Paradise"0.8008.03 class2016
Ilyo Voyvoda street (to the cemetery)0.7008.03 class2016
Hristo Botev boulevard by. D. Kochev boulevard to Ilyo Voyvoda street2.00016.03 class2016
Ruse blvd1.25016.03 class2016
Ivan Vazov Street (from the street D. Konstantinov to the N. Rilski Street)0.1508.03 class2016
Neofit Rilski Street0.7008.03 class2016
San Stefano Street1.3508.03 class2016
D. Konstantinov Street1.10016.03 class2016
D. Popov Street0.70016.03 class2016
Assen Halatchev Street0.35016.03 class2016
Square of Republic (Mania tower)0.40012.03 class2016
In residential complex "Druzhba" - Bulgaria blvd and Al. Malinov Street4.15012.03 class2016
Residential complex "Druzhba" - between I and II micro part0.7008.03 class2016
In residential complex "Druzhba" - street from Blvd. "Bulgaria" to the street "Al. Malinov"0.4508.03 class2016
Kliment Ohridski Street1.40012.03 class2016
Cyril and Methodius Street0.50016.03 class2016
Third of March Street0.45012.03 class2016
Shipka Street0.3508.03 class2016
Perunika Street0.6508.03 class2016
Stoyan Zaimov Street0.35016.03 class2016
Pirot Street0.2008.03 class2016
Tsar Shishman Street0.4008.03 class2016
Hadzhi Dimitar Street0.9508.03 class2016
Vladimir Vazov Street1.8008.03 class2016

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