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Profile of Pleven agglomeration - general information

Lau2 National Code (NSI)56722
Lau1 National Code (NSI)PVN24
Municipality namePleven
NUTSIII Region name:Pleven
DescriptionPleven municipality is located in the central part of the Danubian Plain. To the west it borders the municipalities Dubnik and Lower Metropolis, to the north - with municipalities and Belene Gulyantsi the east - with Levski Pordim municipalities and the south - Lovech, Ugarchin and Lukovit. The relief of the municipality is mostly lowland. The average altitude is 211 m highest point in the municipality is "Middle Peak" (314 m), located in the "Pleven heights" (near the river Vit). Pleven municipality is located in a temperate - continental climate with high temperature amplitudes. The average annual temperature is 10,8 ° C. Dominated western, northwestern and eastern winds. The share of quiet time is between 24-38%. The monthly average wind speed for the area is between 1.6 to 2.5 m / sec. For typical municipality is the presence of different soil types, the most common are black soil and gray forest soils. Water resources of the municipality are poor. Are provided by the rivers Vit and Purslane, also - from karst springs, artesian wells and groundwater.
LocationPleven municipality is located in the central part of the Danube plain. To the west with the municipalities of Dolni Dubnik and Republic; north - with municipalities and Republic of Belene; east - with the municipalities Levski and Pordim and south - with the municipalities Levski and Pordim and south - with the municipalities of Lovech, Ugarchin and Lukovit.
Area in urban boundaries18.00 sq km
Number of inhabitants by current address128 553
Population (NSI yearly statistics)98 467
Population density (registration by current address)7 143.42 inh/sq km
Population density (NSI annual demographic statistics)5 943.21 inh/sq km

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