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under Protection From Environmental Noise Act

Protected areas and green areas

Summary report

Agglomeration: Varna

Count: 45

Under the Protected Areas Act:

Type: Protected site
Areas:Nature Park "Golden Sands"
Protected area "Aladzha Monastery"
Protected area "Kazashko"
Protected area "Slough"
Protected area "Yalta"
Protected area "Rakitnika"

Protected areas under Natura 2000:

Type: SPA
Areas:Protected area "Batova"
Protected area "Varna-Beloslav"
Protected area "Yaltaта"
Protected area "Golden Sands"
Protected area "Galata"

Green urban areas:

Type: Green Urban Areas
Areas:Summer cinema "Trakia"
Winter cinema "Trakia"
Boteva garden
Square "Lawrence"
Square Saborni ("Ponedelnichen market")
Cathedral garden
City garden
Borisova garden
Borisova garden
The garden in front of DZI
Shishkova garden
Sevastopol garden
Garden in front of the Art Gallery
Garden "St. Petka"
Garden in the building of Varna Municipality
Garova Garden / Square P. Slaveikov /
Garden in front of the Archaeological Museum
Garden "Red Square"
Garden "General Gurko"
Garden around Chitaliste "Otets Paisii"
Garden "Piccadilly"
Garden „Chataldja”
Garden "Felix Kanitz"
Park "Chaika"
Spaces - str. "General Kolev" str. "Tsar Asen" Street. "Drava Cheh" and "Chataldja"
Park "Vladislav Varnenchik"
Park "Mladost"
Sea Garden
Park in front of "NAP"
Stadium "Spartak"
Sports complex "Mladost"
Garden Puppet Theatre

Asparuhov park

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