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Profile of Varna agglomeration - general information

Lau2 National Code (NSI)10135
Lau1 National Code (NSI)VAR06
Municipality nameVarna
NUTSIII Region name:Varna
DescriptionVarna municipality is located in northeastern part of Bulgaria. Physiographic In respect within the eastern Danube valley and southwest lies within the Fore. Currently the municipality is 23,853.68 hectares, and the area of ​​urbanized areas are: 8101.20 ha. In Varna Municipality has five areas - "Odessos", "Seaside", "YouTube", "Vladislav of Varna" and "Asparuhova" and five municipalities, Poplars, Kamenar Kazashko, Chickweed, Konstantinov. As of January 2009. under decisions of the Municipal Council of Varna-based Article 25, Paragraph 3 of the Law on Administrative and Territorial Division of the Republic of Bulgaria in Varna Municipality are more than 30 local entities of local importance: Akchelar, Alen Mak, Balam gully north Borovets , Upper Traka Deli Sava Dobreva Fountain, Lower Tap, Greenfinch, Sunrise, Kochmar, pear orchards, Leteshteto, Monastery Hill, mint, nutmeg Panorama Perchemliata, plans, Sub village Priboy, Pripek, apiaries Rakitnika, St. Nicholas , Sotira, Salzitsa, TV Tower, Trakata extension Fatriko Dere Dere Franga, Kokardzha, Cherry Garden, the area around the hut Blacks.
LocationVarna is located on the north and west coast of the Bay of Varna and near the lake. Most southern and central part of the city is connected by a bridge Asparuhov.
Area in urban boundaries135.34 sq km
Number of inhabitants by current address358 469
Population (NSI yearly statistics)395 165
Population density (registration by current address)2 649.00 inh/sq km
Population density (NSI annual demographic statistics)2 474.33 inh/sq km

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