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Road and street network - main routes of the primary road network

Agglomeration: Sofia

Count: 29

Name of sectionLengthWidthClassYear
St. "Flower Garden" in the section between the street "Bogatitsa" and "St. Slavavishte", Lozenets District0.1206.04 class2019
"Petar Manzhiyski" str. from O. T. 200 to O. T. 199, village "Pancherovo"0.1704.54 class2019
Blvd. "Cherni Vrah" from Blvd. "Todor Kableshkov" to "Flora Kaneva" str.1.4000.03 class2019
"Touring" str. in the section of BL. 211 (o.T. 34) to Blvd. "Copenhagen" (o.T. 24), "Druzhba 2", Iskar region1.10012.04 class2019
Junctions on the Blvd. "Peyo Yavorov" and Blvd. "Stoyan Mihaylov", from. "Atanas Dukov" str. to the Blvd. "Cherni Vrah0.9600.03 class2019
Streets of regional importance304.2000.03 class2019
In-out routes - Blvd."Tsar Boris III", Blvd. "Botevgradsko shosse (road)", boulevard "Slivnitsa", boulevard "Lomsko shosse (road)", boulevard "Rozhen" and some tangential routes – blvd. “T. Kableshkov”, Iztochna (Eastern) tangent, Zapadna (West) tangent116.3000.02 class2019
North High-speed Tangent, South, East and West arc (part) of Ring61.0000.01 class2019
Main streets371.1000.04 class2019
blvd. "Slivnitsa" In the section from the Blvd. "Vasil Levski" to "Opalchenska" Str. 8.0000.01 class2019
Blvd. "Slivnitsa" in the section of "K. Velichkov" Blvd. to "Okolovrasten Pat"8.0000.01 class2019
blvd. "Sitnyakovo"1.0000.02 class2019
blvd. "T. Aleksandrov"3.0000.02 class2019
"Tsarigradsko Shosse" Blvd. in the section of "Pavel Krasov" Str. near the ring road and from Blvd. "Al. Malinov "to Eagle's Bridge11.0000.02 class2019
Blvd. "Tsar Boris III"8.0000.02 class2019
Blvd. "Al. Malinov"4.0000.03 class2019
Blvd. "Cherni Vrah" in the section of the Blvd. "Henich Ibsen" to ring Road and from Blvd. "Nikola Vaptsarov" to Blvd. "Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi"4.0000.03 class2019
Brussels Boulevard3.0000.02 class2019
Samokovsko shose street8.0000.02 class2019
"Okolovrasten Pat" from "Samokovsko shose"street to blvd. "Brothers Buxton"11.0000.02 class2019
blvd. "Hristo Botev"2.0000.05 class2019
blvd. "Maria Luiza" from blvd. "Todor Aleksandrov" to blvd. "Skopie"2.0000.02 class2019
blvd. "Kn. Al. Dondukov" from blvd. "Kn. Maria Luiza" to "G. S. Rakovski" street1.0000.03 class2019
blvd. "Madrid"0.0000.03 class2019
blvd. "Gen. Danail Nikolaev"2.0000.02 class2019
"Opalchenska"street from blvd. "Al. Stamboliiski" to blvd. "Kn. M. Luiza"1.0000.03 class2019
blvd. "Petar Dertliev" from blvd. "Slivnica" to blvd. "Carica Yoana"1.0000.03 class2019
blvd. "Petko U. Todorov"1.0000.03 class2019
blvd. "Dragan Cankov" from blvd. "Peio K. Yavorov" to blvd. "G. M. Dimitrov"3.0000.03 class2019

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