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under Protection From Environmental Noise Act

Road and street network - main routes of the primary road network

Agglomeration: Sofia

Count: 5

Name of sectionLengthWidthClassYear
North High-speed Tangent, South, East and West arc (part) of Ring61.0000.01 class2016
In-out routes - Blvd."Tsar Boris III", Blvd. "Botevgradsko shosse (road)", boulevard "Slivnitsa", boulevard "Lomsko shosse (road)", boulevard "Rozhen" and some tangential routes – blvd. “T. Kableshkov”, Iztochna (Eastern) tangent, Zapadna (West) tangent116.3000.02 class2016
Streets of regional importance304.2000.03 class2016
Main streets371.1000.04 class2016
Main streets371.1000.04 class2016

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